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how fast should rocephin shot work We get it. Leaving your fur baby with the groomer for the first time can feel daunting to say the very least. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear all the time at our salon.

When does my puppy need his first groom?

propofol for pediatric conscious sedation This very much depends on the individual dog but it will generally be around 5 to 6 months old, which is when the soft puppy coat begins to grow out. Up to that age we recommend your puppy gets a bath (and light trim if needed) to get him used to the sights and sounds of the grooming salon.

How often will my dog need grooming?

fenofibrate mm Depending on the breed of your dog and your own preferences it will generally be every 8 to 12 weeks.

How long will it take to groom my dog?

myambutol class schedule We generally take 3-4 hours to groom most dogs, although larger breeds, bouncy pooches or dogs who need a little break every now and then can take longer. A bath with a trim takes about 2-3 hours.

Can I stay with my dog while he is being groomed?

interferon and ribavirin pregnancy In our experience your dog will settle much better if left with us as he will find your presence too exciting!  He will then be extra pleased to see you when you collect him. In our Cole Valley site, you can wait for your dog to be groomed in our waiting lounge with a window overlooking the grooming salon.

What shampoo will you use on my dog?

lamotrigine xtc jr We use our own Green Pawz Shampoo and Conditioner with organic and natural ingredients in our salon. It’s manufactured by our good friends at EO Products in Marin, Ca.

Do you use cabinet or cage dryers?

come si cambia id apple su apple store We absolutely don’t use any form of hot cabinet dryer.  We believe that your dog’s safety and happiness is more important than saving time.  We use handheld warm air dryers and brush your dog throughout. We then put them in crates with cool air to dry their face only.

My dog doesn’t like to be groomed.  How will you get him to be still?

how much panadol a day We use restraints to keep your dog safe while he is on the grooming table and we use our experience and training to enable us to deal with all behaviours.

Do you use muzzles?

benfotiamine brands quelle We will only use a muzzle on your dog if he is showing signs of causing himself or the groomer harm through biting.

What are anal glands?

magnesium and oxygen yields magnesium oxide Anal glands are also known as ‘scent glands’ and are normally emptied when you dog goes to the bathroom.  Some dogs experience problems emptying them naturally so they have to be squeezed by hand to empty them.  Please ask us if you would like us to check this on your dog.

Will you pluck my dog’s ears?

lamisil crema prezzi We only pluck ears on request.

Will you clip my dog’s nails?

spironolactone saw palmetto acne We will check if your dog’s nails need clipping, and we will also file them smooth using a dremel. Some dogs naturally wear down their own nails and this can be helped by walking on hard surfaces rather than grass.

Where will my dog be kept when he is ready?

coversyl coveram nedir After your dog’s grooming is complete, he’ll be placed in his own comfy crate where he will wait for your return.

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