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Give Thanks, Go Green

Hello pet lovers of the local SF community! My name is Samantha and I’m very excited to join the Green Pawz family. We have a wonderful team of employees here, dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality grooming services available as well as wholesome products for you and your pet. I am so happy to be here in San Francisco, and I am learning so much about caring for our pets in ways that are conscious of pet and human health, while also considering the impact on the environment.

Here on our blog, we’d like to take some time to check in with our customers and the local community by discussing relevant pet-related issues, as well as retail and grooming related questions that come up in our shop. We’re here to have fun, too! And no one knows more about having a good time than our playful companions.

Green Pawz Ocean Beach

Dogs love frolicking around at Ocean Beach and leave behind many paw prints! Be sure to schedule a bathing appointment or stop by our self-service bath stations at Green Pawz to clean up after playtime!

As we wind down from Thanksgiving and gear up for the upcoming holidays, there are many things to be grateful for, and Green Pawz is here to help keep your pet happy, healthy, and clean all through the holiday season.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!


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