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Our move to a new home

Frida and I recently moved from our quaint retreat cabin in Sausalito to a home in Mill Valley. While Frida will have more space, backyard and a couple new furry friends that live next door, it was a stressful and unpleasant experience for Ms. Frida. While doing some research on the subject on how to better prepare a move for our loving companions, I would like to share my findings in the event you are making a move.

Be prepared. Your dog or cat will better adapt. Giving lots of love and hugs during this time is essential.

Prior to move, gradually pack rather than rush the process. Your pet will eventually get used to this task.

Move day, it is best to keep your pet in a crate or small room so they do not escape. Frida would run outside as the movers carried our belongings to truck. . While she went straight to the car, jumped high over door and into the driver seat. (top was down)! She would not leave, however there is the possibility of running into the street.

When you arrive to your new home, keep in crate until you put their familiar toys, bed and yummy organic treats out. Then, take for a walk through the neighborhood to become familiar with the new surroundings.

Change is positive and necessary. We all need it, including our furry companions. Just be prepared and mindful.

Happiness in the new home. xo

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